How do I Choose the Best Wood Fence Panels?

Autumn Rivers

Before you buy wood fence panels to create a fence in your yard, you should consider a few details. The size of the panels is important to think about before you purchase them, as there are various sizes meant for different uses. The type of wood is also important, with redwood, cedar, and pressure treated wood fence panels being the most popular. Finally, consider the design that you prefer, which should depend on the purpose of the fence.

A house with a picket fence.
A house with a picket fence.

If your fence is designed to separate your yard from your neighbor's, or perhaps set a garden off from the rest of the yard, it can typically be short. On the other hand, a fence that is meant to keep children or large dogs inside the yard, or one that is supposed to provide some privacy, should be taller. For example, a fence that is about 8 feet tall (2.44 m) is often ideal for providing privacy, while one that is about 3 feet tall (0.91 m) is best for surrounding a garden or keeping small pets inside the yard.

Putting pickets close together can create a privacy fence.
Putting pickets close together can create a privacy fence.

You should also think about the type of wood that you prefer your wood fence panels to be made of. Redwood is one of the most common kinds, as its attractive color allows it to look good without being painted, and it is also resistant to both insects and mildew. Cedar is also resistant to insects, and it does not usually rot easily, either. Though its availability in either red or yellow often makes it attractive to homeowners, it does require some regular maintenance. Another popular material for fence panels is pressure treated wood, which is usually inexpensive and durable, though it needs to be sealed before use.

Another detail to consider when buying wood fence panels is the design that you plan to make with them, as the different types available have varying uses. The picket style is one of the most popular types, as these wood fence panels can be spaced as far apart as you wish. Putting the pickets close together can create a privacy fence, while keeping them spaced farther apart can create a more welcoming look. The solid flat top dog ear design is also popular among homes, as this type of fence is usually tall enough to keep both large pets and children inside the yard. If you are not very concerned with privacy, you may choose a lattice style fence, which is ideal for creating a charming look while allowing plants to wind around the panels.

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