How do I Choose the Best Wireless Security Alarm?

Alex Paul

Some of the things to consider when choosing a wireless security alarm include whether the system will be used indoors or outside, how large the area you need to secure is and whether you regularly get wild animals in this area. Your budget will also be a deciding factor in whether you can afford an alarm with advanced features such as externally rated sensors and “small animal” systems.

If sections of a building are outside the range of the wireless system's control panel, they may go unprotected.
If sections of a building are outside the range of the wireless system's control panel, they may go unprotected.

In general, a wireless security alarm can be an effective way of keeping a home safe. The benefit of using a wireless alarm is that they are much more mobile and versatile than wired versions. To ensure the systems works to its full potential, the proper version for the intended use should be selected.

The most important decision when trying to choose a wireless security alarm is where it is going to be used. If the alarm is going to be used outdoors then it’s important to buy one that’s robust and durable enough to stand up to the weather conditions in your region. Generally, outdoor alarms are more prone to false positive due to the greater chance of movement from wildlife, making buying an alarm that comes with a high quality outdoor sensor essential. Small animal sensors are specifically designed to prevent false positives from wild animals such as mice and cats.

If you need to cover more than one area, some alarms come with an ability to use more than one sensor. Basic alarms, however, only use a single sensor and aren’t suitable for multiple or large areas. Wireless alarms are generally best for areas where long cables wouldn’t be practical although they are usually more convenient in most situations.

A wireless security alarm will often run on batteries. It’s important to check how long the expected battery time is for a particular alarm before buying. Manufacturers will often overestimate the battery life for a product so looking at product reviews can provide a more accurate approximation. The best alarms can sometimes run for up to a year without having the batteries replaced while cheaper models may run for as little as a month.

There are a range of different manufacturers of wireless security alarm so it’s important to get an overview of a number of products before choosing. Product reviews can help with the process by narrowing down the options. There is no such thing as the best wireless alarm, however, as some are built for certain situations. For example, wireless alarms for farms may be more expensive but provide a greater number of features.

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