How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Burglar Alarm?

Patti Kate

When choosing a wireless burglar alarm, you should shop at a specialty store that sells security products. There you should be able to enlist the help and advice of qualified personnel. For a car alarm, it is best to visit an auto supply store or your car dealership for advice and assistance. For your home or business alarm, choose a system with flashing lights. Also, choose an alarm with the loudest possible siren that is able to carry over a distance.

Installing a control panel can enable users to interact with the wireless sensors of the alarm system.
Installing a control panel can enable users to interact with the wireless sensors of the alarm system.

A wireless burglar alarm should be made of two boxes. The main box holds the electronic components of the alarm and should preferably be located at a main entryway. This will be an obvious deterrent to intruders, and the box itself will also keep the inner components from becoming damaged by the elements.

There should be a second box included with your wireless burglar alarm system, often referred to as a dummy box. For large homes, a third box is preferable. There are no alarms inside these boxes, but they are placed at various areas outside the home to discourage intruders.

Motion sensors should be an important part of your alarm system. Be certain that the system you choose has plenty of sensors to place at all areas of entry. Be sure there is a sensor for every window and door of your home. These will activate the siren of your alarm when an intruder tries to open the door or window.

Select a wireless burglar alarm that is easy to install. Most of the wireless models will require no professional installation, but check with a specialist beforehand. Make sure the batteries are easily replaceable as well. A battery indicator light that glows when battery power becomes low is another good feature to have.

One other option you might prefer with your alarm system is an automatic police dialer. When the alarm is activated, your local police station will automatically be dialed. Keep in mind that not every wireless burglar alarm system will have this option, and you might pay more for this feature.

Some wireless alarm systems also feature an activation switch. This switch is normally placed inside the home, such as in a bedroom. If intruders are suspected, you can press the button to activate the security alarm.

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