How Do I Choose the Best Wine Carafe?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Glass is the most popular material for carafes.
Glass is the most popular material for carafes.

Choosing a wine carafe can involve consideration of which wines are commonly served, as well as other ideas about how to best accommodate pouring for any vintage. The wine carafe is a prominent element on many restaurant tables, in vineyards and wineries, and in other presentations. Shoppers can also assess durability, ease of use, and other elements of utility for these containers. All of this will help the chosen product appeal to a clientele and provide a classy wine service.

Design selection and materials represent the first step in choosing a superlative wine carafe. Glass is most often desired. Buyers who are looking for specific designs can also consider tinted or colored glass that might work with specific presentations, although clear glass is usually preferred to show off the natural hues of quality wines. Some glass types can also showcase wine better than others, for example, where a certain thickness reflects the color of the wine in a superior way.

For a wine carafe, which houses a liquid of considerable value and class, having a design that accurately measures volume is important. Some designs include specific resources for measurement. For example, a popular style of wine carafe has a one liter measurement built in. For purposes of old-world class and authenticity, the one liter mark may be represented in Italian or another language associated with traditional wine-producing countries.

It’s also important for buyers to evaluate which designs can help servers to pour wine more easily. Some carafes have a better and more competent design that allows wine to flow without dripping or backsplashing that can affect presentation and service. The structure of a wine carafe is a major part of finding the best available options; another side issue involves finding open-style carafes that can be easily cleaned, as residual wine can stick to services and cause problems with cleaning.

In addition to the structure of the carafe, it can be helpful to consider how manufacturers can serve the needs of a particular restaurant or other customer through quality glass engraving. One option is to get the mark or logo of a restaurant or wine business prominently displayed on the side of the container. Shoppers who find the best structural designs can complement these with good visual “branding” if custom creation is something that the manufacturer offers; similarly, a wine carafe that is intended as a gift, might be engraved with the recipients initials.

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    • Glass is the most popular material for carafes.
      By: caimacanul
      Glass is the most popular material for carafes.