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How Do I Choose the Best Winch Kit?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

If you want to choose the best winch kit, you will need to identify the type of vehicle that the winch will be used on, the type of terrain that the vehicle will be primarily operated on and the weight of the intended vehicle. These three identifiers will aid in your choice to assist you in purchasing the best winch kit for your application. Other considerations that will help you to choose the best winch kit include the bumper style of the vehicle the winch is intended for, and whether or not the need for a removable winch exists in your plans.

It is often not only easier, but commonly less expensive, to purchase a winch kit instead of buying individual components when attempting to fit a winch onto a vehicle. By choosing to buy a winch kit, you will typically receive all wiring, switches and mounting hardware in a single package. The main requirement once you have decided to purchase a kit is to identify the parameters in which the winch will commonly be used. By determining the vehicle weight, type of terrain the vehicle will typically be used on as well as the style of bumper the winch will be required to fit, you can make the most informed decision on the best type of kit to use.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Most important in your decision to get the best winch kit for your vehicle is the weight of the vehicle. This will allow you to purchase a winch kit with the required winching power to actually work on your vehicle without burning up the winch motor. If you have to choose between a winch that will be heavier than needed or one that will be lighter than needed, choose the kit that is heavier. This will allow the winch to work not only on your vehicle, but it will also allow you to winch other vehicles out of predicaments even if they have heavier vehicles than yours.

While not always considered, the type of terrain you commonly travel is a great indicator of the type of winch you should buy. If you travel more in treed areas than in open areas, you may choose to buy a winch with a shorter cable. The logic is that you will be able to find a tree close to your vehicle to attach the winch cable to when winching your vehicle out. If, however, you travel more in open country, your best choice will probably be a long-cabled winch kit.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book