How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Shirts?

Solomon Branch

To choose the best wholesale shirts, you need to consider your price limits and what you will be doing with the shirts once you buy them. If you are going to resell the shirts, for example, you will have different considerations than you would if you purchased them for your own use. You need to ensure they are made of quality materials and are currently fashionable, particularly if you are planning to resell them to customers.

A wholesale dress shirt.
A wholesale dress shirt.

In searching for the best wholesale shirts, the first step you need to take is to contact a manufacturer or wholesale dealer that sells the styles and colors you are looking for. You can check online and in wholesale catalogs for different vendors and manufacturers, or in trade magazines. Area clothing stores or businesses might be able to provide good leads, as well. If you are unsure about a wholesale seller’s reliability, check online reviews or check with agencies in your area that monitor and rate business practices.

A white cotton T-shirt.
A white cotton T-shirt.

If you are going to purchase more than one style of shirt, you might need to contact several different vendors, as some wholesale suppliers specialize in one particular style only. Some specialize in dress shirts, for example, while others might sell only athletic style apparel. If you find one vendor you like that specializes in a certain types of wholesale shirts, ask them if they have recommendations for sellers that specialize in other styles.

Once you find a vendor or manufacturer that meets your needs in terms of availability of wholesale shirts, you need to discuss price and volume with them. Some sellers only deal in larger amounts while some are willing to sell smaller numbers of goods. Prices per unit are usually less when buying in larger quantities. You should also ensure that the goods they sell are available when you need them, as some sellers might have inventory that changes seasonally.

When you choose a seller, you might be able to order samples of each type of shirt before buying in larger quantities. You can test for durability and style prior to purchasing larger quantities. It’s often a good idea to order several shirts of each style and color, so you can look for any imperfections, such as color differences or stitching errors. Quality is particularly important if you are going to resell your shirts, so be sure to consider this when you are determining the purchase price of your wholesale shirts.

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