How do I Choose the Best White Ceiling Fan?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best white ceiling fan can be easy if you give some thought to its motor power, blade number and style. Considering the shade of white is also important. For instance, a bright white fan may make an off-white ceiling look dingy and might stand out too much from the rest of the room's color scheme.

Woman posing
Woman posing

While the white of the fan doesn't necessarily have to match the ceiling color, the closer it is in tone, the more cohesive the look tends to be. A white fan that blends in attractively with the ceiling can give the living space a cool, sophisticated feeling. Also give some thought to the white ceiling fan's finish. For example, a bright white, glossy fan on a ceiling in a similar finish can look elegant, airy and well-coordinated. If you have a ceiling that you'd rather not call attention to, it's usually best to choose a matte rather than glossy-finished fan that blends in.

Openwork, grille-type white ceiling fan designs tend to attract the eye more than models with solid blades. An openwork ceiling fan style can work well with many different decors, but typically more classic or traditional decor coordinate better with this type than with modern interiors. If you have other scroll work, such as a coffee table with open metalwork, this type of white ceiling fan could work well in your living space. The one main drawback of a metal ceiling fan is that it can be noisy because it does tend to move the air faster than blades made of other materials such as lightweight wood. If you want to choose metal for your white fan, testing different models in a showroom for the noise level can be a good idea.

Whether you choose a three-, four- or five-blade ceiling fan is often a matter of personal preference. The type that is likely to move the most air to create the biggest breeze will depend on the size of the motor. If you're concerned about how noisy the white ceiling fan will be and can't test the model in person in a showroom, look for a product with a guarantee and a promise from the manufacturer. Fill out the guarantee if needed and save your store receipt as well as the packaging the fan came in. If the wording on the box states that the fan is guaranteed to be quiet and it turns out not to be, you could then get a refund to purchase a quieter product.

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