How do I Choose the Best Weight Resistance Bands?

K. Gierok

Choosing the best weight resistance bands requires that you first evaluate your current strength and fitness level, being honest about your limitations. People who are relatively new to exercise and are weak or deconditioned should choose an exercise band that provides light resistance, while advanced exercisers and those who are highly muscular and have a great degree of strength should select weight resistance bands that provide high resistance. Remember that, as your strength and fitness levels increase, you may need to purchase a new weight resistance band that provides a greater resistance that what you started out using. Consider visiting your primary care physician to determine your current strength and fitness levels. He or she should be able to perform a variety of fitness tests on you to help determine you strength and fitness levels.

Exercise bands stretch -- like giant rubber bands -- to provide resistance when used for exercise.
Exercise bands stretch -- like giant rubber bands -- to provide resistance when used for exercise.

If you want to achieve success with weight resistance bands, make sure that the band you are using is of high quality. Ideally, the band should be made of sturdy rubber, free from rips or tears, and stretch easily when pulled. If your weight resistance bands contain tears or do not stretch easily, discard them immediately, because using such a weight resistance band could result in serious injury to yourself or to another person exercising nearby. Prolong the life of your weight resistance bands by being sure to keep them in a cool, dry area. In addition, examine your weight resistance bands each time you use them to be sure that the bands have not been accidentally torn since the last time they were used.

The best weight resistance bands should be easily adjustable for use in the performance of a wide variety of exercises. Most often, this means the weight resistance bands must be long enough to be used for exercises that target both the upper and lower body muscles. Typically, high quality resistance bands are at least 4 feet (1.2 m) in length. Weight resistance bands that are much shorter than this are not only prone to tears, but are also typically incapable of being used for lower body exercises. When the right type and length of weight resistance band is used, it can be a great way to increase strength and current fitness level.

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