How do I Choose the Best Web Invoice?

S. Gonzales

Choosing to use a web invoice can be a smart move for many business owners and freelancers who don't wish to be encumbered by resource-consuming programs. The main benefit of web invoice software is that it can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. To determine the best web invoice software for you, you must decide which features are most important to you. While those features can involve invoicing, they can also include task, time and project management.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Good web invoicing software will, of course, enable you to invoice clients or customers through a web-based application. Better software can help you track your invoices after you send them out so that you know where your invoices went and what their statuses are. Features that aid this process can employ time-tracking, time sheets and email alerts.

Another feature that can be attractive to business owners is one that allows for the sending out of recurring invoices so that they don't have to be resent manually. The ability to provide quotes before services are rendered and support ticketing also can be deciding features for many business owners. If personalization and company branding is important to you, you can search for web invoice software that allows you to customize your invoices through a style sheet language such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

To streamline your accounting and billing operations, you can look for software that is capable of interfacing with other relevant, third-party applications. For example, because businesses often are tied to bank accounts, web invoicing software should offer you the ability to connect to your banking data through another money-managing application. Through these money-managing applications, you can keep track of how your business is spending money, as well as earning it. Other applications, such as those meant to maintain client lists, might also be able to be connected to web invoice software to make invoicing easier.

Web invoice software that lets users download data also is a great feature, because it provides you with a way to maintain personal records. Digitizing your invoicing procedures doesn't mean that you have to forgo tradition, however. You can choose a software that provides the option to print out paper invoices, just in case future clients don't have email addresses or if there's a problem sending them electronically.

Look for web invoicing software that is suitable for your budget. Generally, the more complex that the web invoicing software is, the more it can cost. Web invoicing software usually comes bundled with other task-, time- and project-management features. Determine which features are the most beneficial to you, and look for only those in potential software in order to save money.

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