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How Do I Choose the Best Web Consultant?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best web consultant, you should have a clear idea of the result you expect even if you don't know how to achieve it. Not all web consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in the same areas. Some specialize in advertising or monetizing blogs, while others focus on bringing in site traffic such as through search engine optimization (SEO). Consider the number of years in business and the value you're likely to receive for your budget when choosing the best web consultant.

Consider what services and overall quality different consultants seem to offer by visiting their websites. If their sites don't seem to adequately promote or explain their services, it's usually best to look elsewhere to hire a web consultant. It's reasonable to think that if a consultant's own website isn't effective, at least in your estimation, you aren't likely to be satisfied by his or her work for your business either. When you do find writing, design and techniques you admire on an Internet consultant's site, carefully compare the services offered with the asking price.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

After comparing about five or six different consultants' services and fee structures, you should be able to have at least some idea of what are low, medium and high prices for the results you hope to get. Don't discount the higher fees without figuring out if the value for the price would actually be better. For instance, a higher priced web consultant may have more experience and better results in the strategies that interest you most. Look for the number of years of experience the consultant has, but even more importantly, consider past results and client testimonials.

When you have your choice of web consultants narrowed down to two or three, ask for a free consultation. Most reputable consultants will offer this in order to be able to give an accurate price quote for their services. Be wary of any web consultant who asks for high fees without making the expected results clear. It's best to state your desired result up front and ask for an estimate on achieving it. For instance, if you hope to have your company's website on the top search engine pages for your industry or category, mention this to your short list of consultants, then ask for the cost as well as the time frame it would likely take. Prompt attention to your needs, a track record in getting the results you want and reasonable rates can help you make the final choice of Internet consultant for your business.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer