How do I Choose the Best Wealth Management Advisor?

Felicia Dye

Before choosing a wealth management advisor, you should interview her and then check her credentials and level of experience. Do not buy into claims that the advisor has a winning strategy. Instead, look for someone who views each client as a unique case and therefore provides personalized service. Analyzing his record of success is important, and this task may be easier if you choose a professional who provides services to people you know. If you are in need of specialized services, make sure the individual you plan to work with offers them.

It is prudent to choose a wealth management advisor who has gained experience working for a firm.
It is prudent to choose a wealth management advisor who has gained experience working for a firm.

You should not hire any wealth management advisor with whom you have not personally consulted. Marketing materials, professional profiles posted on the Internet, and items such as these may be great for introducing you to a potential choice, but a final decision should never be based solely on these things. It is best to interview the individual face to face. If this is not possible, at the very least you should have a detailed telephone conversation or video conference with the individual.

Professional services should be provided by professionals. Do not assume that just because an individual advertises herself as a wealth management advisor that she has the credentials to support the claim. Remember that this individual will be playing an important role in your life and that his services may affect your heirs. It is important, therefore, to inquire about credentials and to verify them.

Experience is also very important. A person may have a degree, and she may have the necessary licensing. If she is new to the business, however, and attempting to work on her own, you may want to exercise caution. It is advisable to choose a wealth management advisor who has gained experience working for a firm or under a reputable, seasoned professional.

One thing that you should try to detect when determining whether a wealth management advisor is the right choice is whether he will develop a personalized plan for you. If you detect that the individual basically tries to sell a one-size-fits-all plan to his clients, you should search for another option. This is an indicator that he has little regard for your personal needs.

Get referrals from your associates. When choosing a wealth management advisor, a major concern you should have is whether the individual can help you to accomplish your goals. One of the best ways to determine a professional’s track record is by analyzing the experiences that she has with people you know.

Before making your choice, consider what services a wealth management advisor offers and any specialties that he may have. This may require you to assess your long-term goals. For example, you may only need life insurance and retirement services now, but you may want to venture into international investments in the next few years. It is best to choose a single wealth management advisor with whom you can maintain a long-term relationship.

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