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How Do I Choose the Best Waxing Training?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

The best waxing training will provide high quality, hands-on education, an instruction schedule that meets your needs, and tuition that you can afford. There are a wide variety of waxing training courses and seminars available. Community colleges, teaching salons, and companies offer waxing training. Usually, you must obtain a government-issued cosmetologist or aesthetician license to participate in waxing training. In some cases, you may take the training if you are currently enrolled in a program that leads to licensure.

Before you sign up for a class, there are several criteria you should consider. First, determine how much time you can devote to your training. Many cosmetologist programs include studies in waxing as a regular part of the training. If it has been several years since you completed your degree, you may want to take a refresher course. Alternatively, if you're looking to change specialties and wish to focus on waxing, you may want to acquire more in-depth training, which may require several courses.


Waxing training lasts anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. Some training focuses on the face, including the eyebrows, upper lip and chin. A comprehensive study of waxing includes the body as well as the face, including arms, legs, back, abdomen, hands and feet.

Waxing pubic hair and genitalia is commonly referred to as a "Brazilian" wax. Sometimes Brazilian waxing techniques are included in comprehensive classes, but in many cases, they are considered advanced techniques and offered separately. There is nudity during these courses with models used for practice.

A woman with waxed legs.
A woman with waxed legs.

When you decide what type of waxing training you need, whether it is full body, Brazilian, or face only, look for a class that focuses on that area. A well developed course will have a thorough class description or a syllabus available that details the topics discussed in class. This often includes theories on technique, proper hygienic practices, products, and hands on practice. Another useful topic is client relationships, pricing, and marketing which will help you build your business and your database of returning customers.

There are some online waxing courses available. For the most part, these should be avoided. One of the most important aspects of waxing training is hands-on practice under the supervision of an instructor. This allows you to practice and receive immediate feedback from an expert.

An expensive course is not necessarily a good course. Make sure that any course covers all the necessary material and offers hands-on training before signing up. If your budget is tight, look for workshop-style courses that last one or two days. These are typically offered at reasonable rates. You may even be able to count it as a business expense and deduct the cost as continuing education when you file state and federal tax returns.

Many instructional videos are available online, most of them free. Although they certainly don't replace face to face training, they can act as a refresher, offer tips, and introduce you to new techniques. You may find that watching several instructional videos before taking a course helps you to understand the material better and to perfect your technique.

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    • Wax.
      By: blueee
    • A woman with waxed legs.
      By: Jacek Chabraszewski
      A woman with waxed legs.