How Do I Choose the Best Wavy Bob Haircut?

Jennifer Leigh

When choosing a wavy bob haircut, it is important to consider your face shape, the length of your hair and whether you would like to have bangs. The bob hairstyle has been a popular look since the 1920s and is usually considered to be a shorter style that is cut bluntly around the head. There are variations on the hairstyle including angled bobs, short bobs and long bobs that would look good with wavy hair. Styling products help keep your waves in shape as well as eliminate frizz that could detract from the haircut to keep your wavy bob haircut an easy-to-maintain look.

The bob hairstyle has been popular since the 1920s.
The bob hairstyle has been popular since the 1920s.

Face shape is an important factor in the type of wavy bob haircut that you decide to have done. Round faces generally look better with an angled bob or a longer bob so that the face is slightly elongated. If your face is square or heart-shaped, longer pieces in the front will make the face look more oval and provide a softening effect. Square and heart-shaped faces work well with any length of wavy bob haircut. Oval faces can pull off longer or shorter bobs either with an angled effect or without, depending on your personal preference.

If you do not wish to cut your hair short, try a longer wavy bob haircut. This type of cut can be done bluntly straight around the top of the shoulders or angled slightly at the front, with shorter hair in the back, to create an edgier look. Shorter styles can go all the way up to the chin, either slightly longer in front or straight across the face and back of the head. This is mainly a style preference, as is adding bangs, which can either be layered and wispy or blunt across the forehead. Bangs require more work due to the fact that they usually need to be straightened in order to keep the hair looking styled.

Wavy hair works well with any wavy bob haircut as long as the waves are well-maintained with styling products. A small amount of anti-frizz cream should be added before styling if your hair is naturally wavy. For those with straight hair, a small amount of curling mousse or wax can be added before scrunching wet hair to create a wavy look. Blow-drying the hair with a diffuser attachment helps to add additional body and waves if needed.

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