How do I Choose the Best Waterproof Car Seat Cover?

Dan Cavallari

The first step in choosing the best waterproof car seat cover is determining what type of seat you will be covering and finding covers that are the appropriate size for that seat. Bench seats will need a different waterproof car seat cover size than a bucket seat will, so be sure you choose the appropriate size for your vehicle. Once you have determined the right size, you will need to consider cost and materials. Some seat covers will be more expensive than others because the waterproof material may be more comfortable or durable. Decide what your budget is and narrow your search from there.

Waterproof car seat covers are also available for baby car seats and toddler booster seats.
Waterproof car seat covers are also available for baby car seats and toddler booster seats.

The best waterproof car seat cover will be easy to install and uninstall, since it is likely that the cover will need to be cleaned from time to time. Waterproof covers are popular among off-road drivers because mud, dirt, and moisture is more likely to enter the cab of the vehicle. If you fall into this category, the waterproof car seat cover you choose will need to be rugged and durable, and it should be able to withstand regular exposure to mud, dirt, and even sunlight. If the interior of your vehicle can be hosed down at cleaning time, be sure the waterproof covers can withstand such treatment and will dry out quickly for comfort.

It may be necessary to find a waterproof car seat cover specifically designed for your make and model of vehicle because some car seats have special features such as seat belt guides or specially designed headrests. Some one size fits all covers will not fit on specially designed seats such as these, so you will need to find one that will not block access to chair controls, seatbelt accessories, or head rest functions. If you cannot find a seat cover that fits your seat while still fulfilling your needs for a waterproof cover, you may have to consider getting a custom made cover, though this will cost significantly more than prefabricated covers.

If you are looking for a waterproof cover for a baby seat, be sure to choose one that is sewn in such a way that no choking hazards exist. You may need to consider how the cover will fit in your particular brand of car seat as well, and the cover should not interfere with normal function of any buckles or safety features designed into the car seat.

Some waterproof car seat cover models come with specific graphics, such as the car brand or a flashy design such as flames or other patterns. Choose a pattern or design that you will enjoy having in the interior of your car, but keep in mind that aesthetics should always take a back seat to function. It is better to choose a cover with a bland design but well stitched seams over an attractive cover that is not constructed as well as other models.

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