How Do I Choose the Best Wardrobe Light?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

To add functionality to a closet with a wardrobe light, it can be helpful to use a series of steps in contemplating the design for fixtures. These kinds of small interior lights fit inconspicuously, providing just the right amount of illumination for a space that wouldn't otherwise get much natural light. A number of newly developed light sources give consumers more practical options than have existed in the past.

One of the first considerations is the actual space itself. By measuring the interior space in three dimensions, someone who is considering interior lighting in a wardrobe can get a better idea of which fixtures will fit best inside. It may be necessary to look for an even surface for top mounted lights or a recessed niche for other types, making sure that the lighting element will fit the enclosed space unobtrusively.

It’s also usually necessary think about the power source for a wardrobe light. Conventional lights are most often wired into circuits, but in the case of a wardrobe light this may not be practical. Common alternatives include lights powered by traditional nickel batteries or lithium ion batteries.

Shoppers who want a modern lighting fixture for the interior of a wardrobe can also choose from several innovative lighting types. In addition to the incandescent designs of the twentieth century, shoppers can choose from different kinds of chemical lights including CFLs using gas vapor, as well as high intensity xenon lights. These kinds of light sources can really spruce up a dark interior space well using less energy than a conventional bulb.

Another kind of modern lighting that is very much in demand is light emitting diode (LED) lighting. This electronic lighting poses a reduced fire risk, more energy savings, and less energy expended in the form of heat. LED lights have the added advantage of being able to safely exist in close proximity to materials like wood, making them a favorite for wardrobe light installations.

After all of the design elements have been selected, the major part of installing a wardrobe light is to make sure that, even though the fixture may fit inside of the closet or wardrobe, there is available space for reaching switches, battery cases, etc. to provide for full functionality in the long term. This is another aspect where good shopping will serve the buyer well, since inconvenient access can be a problem. An additional concern is the warranty for a light fixture: choose the best warranty coverage and keep the warranty on file in case there is an issue with the fixture.

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The house I grew up in had huge walk-in closets, but each one had a regular light fixture installed in the ceiling. They would get really hot, which worried me, because I had several stacks of clothing piled upon the high shelves not far from the fixture.

When I bought a house, I was glad to find that there was no fixture already in the ceiling. This meant that I would be able to choose my own wardrobe light, and I wanted something much safer than what I had before.

I decided to use those big push-button lights that some people use as night lights. I have them stuck to the edge of the shelf in my closet, and they give me just enough light to see what garments I’m taking off the hangers. That’s all I really need, because if I need to see the clothes in more detail, I will just take them into my bedroom.


I have several small wardrobe lamps hanging from nails on the shelf in my closet. They are round and each one has twenty-four small LED bulbs on the front.

I just push the back of them to turn the lights on. Even though they are small, they are really bright, because the light that they emit is white.

I don’t worry about fires, because they don’t emit much heat at all. They use AAA batteries, which are fairly cheap, and since I don’t keep them on for more than a couple of minutes at a time, I rarely have to replace the batteries.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book