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How do I Choose the Best Walnut Coffee Table?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When looking for the best walnut coffee table, it's a good idea to consider shape, size, style and storage capacity as well as color. Most walnut coffee tables have a light to medium finish; if you want darker wood, an antique style may work well for you. Walnut coffee tables often have storage drawers and/or a lower open shelf. If you can't make use of the storage, perhaps choosing a less detailed design would be best. If your room is large and square, a long, narrow walnut coffee table may help visually narrow the space to make it appear cozier.

Alternatively, a round walnut-finished coffee table could also be used in a boxy room to add visual contrast and interest. If instead, you have a smaller living room, the walnut coffee table you choose shouldn't be too large. A small square or oval table could be the best choice for a tinier room, as having the lower part of the sofa show on each of its sides can create the illusion of a roomier living area. If space allows and your room is contemporary in design, you may want to select a large, square walnut table to help anchor your other furniture pieces with a strong, solid shape.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The color of the walnut coffee table you select doesn't necessarily have to match the finish of your other living room furnishings, but it should complement it attractively. If the tones of your interior design colors are warm, meaning they have a golden undertone, choosing an orange hued walnut can provide a consistent look to your space. If your other woods and colors are cool-based with a bluish undertone, picking a more ashier walnut table will create a coordinated look to your living room. Dark walnut is often more difficult to find than the light to medium varieties. If a dark-colored walnut coffee table is your preference, checking antique auctions or stores dealing in vintage furniture may be a good idea.

No matter whether you choose a rounded, elegant style or a straight-lined, simple coffee table, look for walnut with an even grain. Storage styles of tables can be both attractive and practical. When selecting the table, look for the type of storage that will best suit your needs. For example, for an uncluttered living room look, it may be better to pick a walnut chest coffee table rather than one with an open lower display shelf.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book