How do I Choose the Best Video Motion Detector?

D. Nelson

Video motion detection refers to the ability of motion to trigger the recording function of a surveillance system, allowing it to make a video record of events that transpire in its vicinity. This technology is most commonly used for the purpose of security. In order to choose the best video motion detector, it can be helpful to consider your needs. Factors such as capability with alarm and computer systems should be considered. It is also useful to think about factors such as cost and reputation of the various models.

DVRs can be used to store video gathered by a video motion detector.
DVRs can be used to store video gathered by a video motion detector.

Video motion detectors are often found in retail stores and buildings where there may be valuable items or sensitive data. In these cases, the video motion detector is most often connected to a larger network. A network allows the user to place cameras in a number of different locations and view events from different angles. The information recorded by the video cameras normally passes through a server that transfers the data to a computer.

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) may also be used instead of a network. The DVR normally allows for fewer cameras and is commonly chosen by users who wish to monitor a smaller area. Too many cameras connected to the DVR may cause strain on the recorder, causing potential malfunctions and decreased quality.

A homeowner who is considering purchasing a video motion detector may prefer software that allows him or her to view events recorded by the camera on a home computer or laptop. In this context, the user often has access to only a few cameras. This technology is commonly used to the safety monitor babies or small children. It may also be used for the sake of security. Homeowners place video motion detectors in their driveways or in other areas around the exterior of the house in order to capture evidence of unwanted intruders.

When using a video motion detector for security purposes, a helpful feature can be a built-in alarm. This feature sends a message to the proper law enforcement authorities when there is an intruder. Law enforcement officials may use the video recorded by the camera to identify an intruder and create a narrative of the ensuing events.

Prices of video motion detectors vary. Factors that may affect price are the number of features associated with the model, the complexity of the system, and the quality of the video motion detector. To choose the best, it may be helpful to create a budget based on the common prices of systems that offer features and capabilities that you require for security or safety.

Quality varies among motion detectors as well. Many consumers prefer to ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have similar security needs, while others may utilize consumer ratings and reviews. While it is certainly true that the more expensive systems can offer more features, some less expensive systems may meet an individual or business's needs and offer good value for the money.

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