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How do I Choose the Best Varicose Vein Clinic?

Tamsen Butler
Tamsen Butler

When choosing a varicose vein clinic, it's important to keep in mind that looks aren't everything. Although some clinics attempt to present a spa-type atmosphere, you should not be swayed by how aesthetically pleasing the interior of an office looks. A good varicose vein clinic will have fully licensed, experienced doctors with solid reputations. Clinics often offer different kinds of services for vein treatment as well, and your search can be narrowed by identifying the ones that offer the particular service you want. You also may benefit from finding online information about particular clinics and doctors.

If your insurance company will cover some or all of the costs related to the varicose veins treatment, your best bet may be to start your search using the list of approved providers through your insurer. Patients who are allowed to choose any provider, or who will pay for the treatment out of their own pockets, can start by searching for a nearby varicose vein clinic that offers the specific treatment they want. For example, while some clinics offer laser ablation for varicose veins, other clinics may only offer sclerotherapy or other methods of treating varicose veins.

People with varicose veins may decide to visit a specialist at a clinic.
People with varicose veins may decide to visit a specialist at a clinic.

Viewing the websites of the clinics near you and finding out what therapies are offered may be very helpful to your search. It also is important to read the profile of the doctors offering treatments through the clinic. Doctors should be fully licensed and have years of experience, preferably within the phlebology field. Most reputable physicians will offer all of this information within their profiles listed on the website. If you cannot find this information online, you can contact the clinic directly to ask about the licensing and specialties for the doctors practicing within the clinic.

Medical boards often offer online databases listing current licenses for physicians practicing within their areas as well. You also may be able to read about any actions brought against physicians, which is certainly a good thing to know before allowing a doctor to treat you. Consumer rating websites also can be a good resource to read personal statements from other patients.

The varicose vein clinic also should specialize in treating varicose veins instead of emphasizing cosmetic procedures. If varicose vein treatment is merely one item on a long menu of spa-type treatments, you may want to consider looking for a varicose vein clinic that emphasizes the medical procedure instead of pampering. It is important to remember that this is a medical procedure, and choosing a doctor to treat varicose veins is the same as choosing a doctor to treat any other medical condition.

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    • People with varicose veins may decide to visit a specialist at a clinic.
      By: roblan
      People with varicose veins may decide to visit a specialist at a clinic.