How Do I Choose the Best Used Rotisserie?

Sherry Holetzky

When choosing a new or used countertop rotisserie, there are several things to keep in mind. The difference is that a used rotisserie may add a few more considerations to the list such as cleanliness, condition, comparable safety features, possible defects, and whether or not there is a warranty still available for the product.

A chicken before being rotisseried.
A chicken before being rotisseried.

A rotisserie can become very greasy, and this grease can be difficult to remove. It builds up into sticky deposits that then attract other types of debris. Do not hesitate to feel the equipment to ensure that there is no buildup, even if the used rotisserie you are interested in appears to be clean. Check all the parts and underneath the unit as well.

Rotisseries can often be found for sale at garage sales.
Rotisseries can often be found for sale at garage sales.

Keep in mind that newer equipment, gadgets, and appliances tend to have more safety features than their older counterparts. An older rotisserie may not be equipped with the same items as newer versions offer. Ensure that the used rotisserie you are interested has at least minimal safety features such as automatic shut-off if it should overheat.

Feel free to ask straightforward questions about why the used rotisserie is for sale. There could be a defect or it may just be a simple of issue of not being used as frequently as the original buyer had intended to use it. Check the cord, the plug, and any knobs, buttons, or other parts, for wear or damage.

Clearly, you will want to check for any obvious defects, but it is also a good idea to look up the make and model number to ensure that there has not been a recall on the used rotisserie. If you find recall information, be sure that all instructions have been followed to bring the unit up to safety standards. While such items can often be found at garage sales, estate sales, secondhand stores, or resources such as online auctions, it may be better to look for this type of used appliance at discount restaurant suppliers or even a restaurant that is going out of business or updating its equipment.

In many cases a renewed item such as a refurbished rotisserie will include a limited warranty. This is an important item to examine. Read all the fine print and check with the warranty holder for additional details concerning the used rotisserie. If no warranty is available, you may wish to keep looking.

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