How Do I Choose the Best Used Bulldozer?

Lori Kilchermann

In order for you to choose the best used bulldozer, you must focus your attention on examining the high-wear components thoroughly. The track system, blade and hydraulic system require the most intense scrutiny when buying a used bulldozer. Worn sprockets on the track can be costly to replace and could cause damage to the entire track. The engine is also critical to the operation of the entire machine. Another critical component in this area which should receive your attention is the cooling system, as the radiator and coolant hoses will often be an indication on the condition of the used bulldozer.

Schedule a time to see a used bulldozer in action, and then show up half-an-hour early.
Schedule a time to see a used bulldozer in action, and then show up half-an-hour early.

You should always ask to see the used bulldozer in action before agreeing to purchase the machine. This will allow you to listen for any odd noises in the hydraulic pump as the blade is lifted up and pushed down. You will also want to watch the tracks for excessive movement up and down on the bogey wheels and the teeth of the drive sprocket.

When you watch the used bulldozer at work, insist the operator make the machine work hard so you can hear the engine under a load. Any excessive smoke could be a sign of future problems. You also may want to test the turning and braking components on a used bulldozer to ensure it has a working system without issues.

You may wish to employ one of the oldest buyer's tricks to ensure the motor starts easily. Schedule a time to see the used bulldozer in action and then show up half-an-hour early. This can allow you to witness the cold starting habits of the engine. You may wish to pass on any machine that requires assistance in starting from a battery charger or starting fluid. Either of these aids may indicate a serious problem with the engine, charging system or fuel system, all of which could be costly to repair.

You may wish to take some measurements of the blade and the arms to ensure there aren't any bent components on the used bulldozer that may cause it to operate poorly. The state of the cutting edge is also a good indicator of the level of maintenance the machine has received over the time period the present owner has used it. A worn or missing cutting edge on the blade is a sign of poor maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure you will be buying the best used bulldozer you can afford is to ask to see a service record, as a complete record will indicate good care.

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