How Do I Choose the Best Used ATV Parts?

Dan Cavallari

Sometimes the best option for repairing your ATV is buying used ATV parts that are in good shape but less expensive than new parts. It is important to ensure you buy used ATV parts that are compatible with your make and model of ATV, so if possible, buy the parts through a dealer who can ensure the parts will work with your vehicle. A careful inspection of the parts you are considering buying will be necessary as well; look for signs of excessive wear, rust, cracks, or other issues that may prevent the part from being used as intended.

It is important that people buy used ATV parts that are compatible with their make and model of ATV.
It is important that people buy used ATV parts that are compatible with their make and model of ATV.

If possible, buy used ATV parts that have been cleaned, thoroughly inspected, and cared for. Some parts may not show any outward signs of wear until you install it on your own ATV, which means assessing a particular part for usability can be extremely difficult. Buying from a reputable dealer who offers a return policy is perhaps the best way to prevent buying an unusable part, but you will be always taking a chance by buying used ATV parts instead of new ones that are built to specifications.

Know what you are looking for and how much it should cost. Be sure to find out how much the part costs brand-new, and make a good estimate as to how much a used part should cost based on its condition and the amount of reconditioning you will need to do to make it work on your own ATV. Knowing how much the new part costs will help you determine an appropriate cost for any used ATV parts you are considering. The point of buying used is to save money, but remember that various buyers will have a different idea of what a fair price is.

Buying the least expensive used ATV parts is not always the best plan, either. You may end up saving money on the up-front sale, but if the part does not last, you will end up replacing it again, thereby adding to the overall cost of that part throughout the life of your ATV. Look for inexpensive parts, but more importantly, look for parts that will last a long time. Avoid parts that are excessively rusty; some rust is usually okay, but if the metal has rusted through or cracks or holes are present, do not buy the part. Excess rust can compromise the strength of the part and cause it to fail.

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