How do I Choose the Best Unsecured Tenant Loans?

A. Leverkuhn

Finding the best unsecured tenant loans means those who have no collateral will have to get access to the prime rates for unsecured loan offers, and carefully select the ones that make the best sense for their individual budget. Getting unsecured loans is not like getting a secured loan based on assets. It requires some additional research and negotiation with a lender.

A credit history check is often a part of obtaining an unsecured tenant loan.
A credit history check is often a part of obtaining an unsecured tenant loan.

It’s important to understand that unsecured tenant loans are loans made on the basis of an individual’s “creditworthiness,” and that most lenders are very serious about protecting their risks when doling out money to those who don’t have collateral. An “unsecured tenant loan” is so-called because the borrower doesn’t own a home or other property, and can’t balance their loan against the value of their equity. These days, unsecured loans are mainly made on the basis of a consumer credit score, but there are other elements that can also be involved.

In order to choose the best unsecured tenant loans, the borrower must have access to the best rates. The biggest issue is the individual’s credit score. Anything lower than 660 will probably prevent a borrower from getting the best unsecured loans with low interest rates. One quick tip is to build up credit by taking out a credit card and paying it off each month with available funds. “Tenants” or those without prior credit history who know how to budget and practice financial discipline can build good credit pretty easily.

Another idea for the best unsecured loans is to use any other assets available. A “tenant” without real estate holdings may still have a late-model vehicle, stocks or savings, or other assets that can work toward raising their desirability as a borrower. In addition, high income helps an individual get access to better unsecured loans. Also, a co-signer can make better unsecured loans available to a borrower who is new to the credit world.

To choose the best unsecured tenant loans, a borrower should look at all of the available options from various lenders. The best unsecured loans are generally those with the lowest interest rate, but also look for undesirable items like fees, particularly prepayment penalties, that can punish a borrower for paying the loan off early and avoiding further interest. It’s also a good idea to look at the time frame of the loan. Some borrowers will want loans that stretch on into five and six year periods, to help them pay off a big purchase with structured monthly payments. However, to others, paying all of the major interest accumulation associated with long term unsecured loans can look pretty expensive. Choosing the best unsecured tenant loans means finding the right balance that suits your wallet.

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