How Do I Choose the Best Unique Promotional Items?

M. Walker
M. Walker
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Many businesses can benefit from unique promotional items, whether it’s brand recognition, client satisfaction, or employee appreciation. These promotional business items have the advantage of uniqueness and originality, which is more likely to get them noticed and to create positive associations with the company. Finding the right unique promotional items will depend on budget, timescale, target demographic, and the nature of the company’s business.

Cost can often be the most important factor to consider when beginning promotional marketing strategies. Not only will a company need to consider the cost of the individual items, it will also need to take into account the total number of items needed. Lower cost items will frequently have less of an impact on branding efforts, and companies tend to purchase these in larger amounts. Items such as creative key chains will generally have a lower cost than items such as portable coffee mugs or high-quality tote bags, but they are smaller and make less of a brand statement. Some companies might benefit from large numbers of smaller items, but others might want to focus on purchasing fewer larger items instead.

The timescale of the promotional giveaways is also important to consider. Many unique promotional items are specifically designed for fundraisers, launches, or other events, and they will need to be manufactured within a set time frame. Certain items will take longer to produce than others, so companies should either plan well in advance or choose items with faster production times.

Businesses will also need to consider their target demographic when designing unique promotional items. Considering client preferences and lifestyles can be helpful in choosing the right items, and enthusiastic clients can be a wonderful asset to a promotional advertising campaign. Companies should also take into account their own employees and focus some branding efforts on the office environment as well. Not only will this boost morale and satisfaction among employees, but it will also improve the company’s image to job applicants, consultants, or independent contractors who make periodic visits to the office.

Unique promotional items should also reflect the nature of a business as best as possible. Businesses should choose items that are in line with their goals or philosophies. For example, environmentally conscious companies could benefit from eco-friendly promotional items, or accounting firms might benefit from giving away creatively designed calculators. Not only can this strategy inspire humor, but it will also increase the likelihood that recipients will use the items frequently, further promoting the brand.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up