How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Dress?

Shae Lyn
Shae Lyn
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

A two-tone dress is a style of dress that consists of two different solid colors. This dress style is popular for women of all ages and body types. Two-tone dresses generally are one color on the top and another color on the bottom, but it might be mostly one color, with another color as a design, such as a bold, solid stripe. When choosing a two-tone dress, it is important to consider the color combination of the dress, your body type and even your age. Choosing the right two-tone dress for your body type might be challenging, so getting a second opinion from a friend or relative can be helpful.

When you go dress shopping, it is wise to bring a friend or relative with you to provide a second opinion. Someone else will be able to see how the dress looks on you from all angles, which can be difficult for you to see by looking in mirrors. Also, someone who is trying on clothes while shopping alone tends to judge himself or herself too harshly. With a friend or relative providing a second opinion, you will get a clearer picture of how you will look to others and what style of two-tone dress is most flattering on you.

Ask yourself what your favorite colors are, and start looking for combinations of your favorite colors that go well together. If you are not fussy and a wide variety of colors are appealing to you, then you will have a greater selection from which to choose. At the same time, you might consider looking for dresses with bold, unexpected color combinations that will stand out from two-tone dresses with basic colors.

Your body shape also will help determine what style of two-tone dress you will choose. Some things that need to be considered are your height, your weight, your bone structure and your age. Areas of your body that are of certain proportions should be considered as well. Some people view these as flaws, in which case you will want to downplay them, but other people find these areas to be assets and prefer to accentuate them. Finding a style of dress that is age-appropriate can be important, because looking older or younger than you really are is not always a good idea.

For women who have most body types, straight dresses in two tones will best flatter their figure. If you have a well-defined waistline, you could wear a dress that flatters this area by choosing a dress with a bold stripe running through the waist area. You would be able to wear the dress fitted and conforming to your body. If you have a wider middle area, you also can wear this type of dress and look lovely, but the dress should be loose and not fitted.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip