How Do I Choose the Best Two-Drawer File Cabinet?

Autumn Rivers

Some offices can benefit from a file cabinet with two drawers, which tends to be a compromise between the one-drawer file cabinet and the larger variety with three or four drawers. Whether you need this type of furniture for your office at home or work, you should consider a few details before buying one. For example, you may want to think about what size file cabinet your office can accommodate so the two-drawer file cabinet you choose is not too large for the space. You also should consider whether you prefer a cabinet that will move easily or one that is sturdy and difficult to budge. The appearance, including the color, material and handles, also may be worth considering.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

The typical two-drawer file cabinet is shorter than the kind with three or more drawers. This is often best for offices with little extra room, because you can place it under shelving or desks. Before you choose the best product for your office, you are advised to take the measurements of the space where you will put this type of furniture. You can then compare the available area to the file cabinet dimensions before you buy this product so you can be sure it will fit perfectly. Of course, considering file cabinet sizes is not usually as important when you have a lot of extra space in your office, in which case you likely could go with a wider or slightly taller product.

You also should consider whether you will need to move the filing cabinet around the office. If you tend to rearrange furniture often or just want the ability to move your furniture easily when necessary, then a lightweight two-drawer file cabinet may suit you. This item is often shorter than the average file cabinet, so it also tends to be lighter and easier to move. Another feature that can make this type of file cabinet easy to move is wheels. On the other hand, if you do not expect to have to relocate the cabinet anytime soon, you may want to look for a sturdier product that also would be harder for someone else to move without permission.

Another aspect to analyze when choosing a file cabinet is appearance, because your new furniture should complement the existing decor. Considering the colors and materials already in your office before you select a two-drawer file cabinet can result in a cabinet that is both practical and attractive. When considering the appearance of a two-drawer file cabinet, you likely will want to pay attention to the handles or knobs that come with it, because these accessories can make a statement. They may be plain metal or wood, or they may be decorative and colorful; you should make sure they are appealing to you and match your office decor rather than clashing with it.

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