How Do I Choose the Best Truck Warranty?

Jeremy Laukkonen

The best truck warranty for your particular situation can depend largely on the type of vehicle you have or are looking at buying. Another factor that can affect the warranty is how you will use the truck, since your needs might be different depending on whether it is a personal or business vehicle. Trucks typically come with some type of guarantee from the factory, so you should determine what that covers before buying an extended warranty. Third party policies can also vary in coverage, so you should make sure that any truck warranty you buy will pay for the types of repairs you might need. If you depend on the truck for business purposes, you may also want to check into warranties that will pay for a replacement vehicle while repairs are being made.

Mileage limits should be considered when selecting a warranty for a truck used for business.
Mileage limits should be considered when selecting a warranty for a truck used for business.

Before choosing a truck warranty, you should do some research on any existing coverage your vehicle might have. New trucks typically come with anywhere from three to ten years worth of coverage, though there are usually mileage limits as well. The new vehicle warranty is often transferable if you bought your truck used, so you may also want to investigate that. Most new vehicle warranties cover items such as the engine, transmission, and other drive train components, and others will pay for virtually any repair. It is important to know what items are already covered so that you can choose an extended truck warranty that will fill in the gaps.

Each extended truck warranty presents a unique set of coverages and terms, and the various companies that issue them can also be quite different. One important factor when choosing the best truck warranty is the issuing company. You will usually want to make sure that the company has an established business history and satisfied customers. It can be a good idea to investigate with various consumer advocate organizations to make sure no complaints have been filed. If you purchase an expensive truck warranty from a disreputable firm, you can be left to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs in the future.

If you use your truck for business purposes, there are some specific factors you may want to look for in an extended warranty. Many of these policies have mileage limits just like the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty, so you will probably want to pay close attention to that figure. People that use a truck for business usually drive many more miles each year than regular commuters, so you may want to choose a policy with a higher mileage limit. Another feature to look for in this situation is a stipend for a replacement vehicle so that you can continue to do business any time your truck requires repairs.

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