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How Do I Choose the Best Triple Dresser?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Before going shopping for a triple dresser, it is vital that you measure the space in which you intend to place the dresser. Take measurements for height, width, and depth, and don't forget to measure for the drawers when they are extended; this will prevent the triple dresser from blocking walkways in the room. Once you have taken accurate measurements, determine how much clothing and other items you intend to store in the dresser. These two considerations will give you the best idea of what size dresser you will need for your bedroom or other space.

The term "triple dresser" can refer to several types of dressers. It may mean the dresser has three drawers stacked upon each other, or it may mean the dresser has three columns of drawers side by side. In many cases, it may mean both. Determine what your storage needs are to determine which style of triple dresser is right for you. Dressers with three side by side columns of drawers can be quite wide, meaning they will have a larger footprint than other types of dressers. Make sure you have enough room in your bedroom for such a dresser if you choose this style.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Think about the materials used to construct the triple dresser. Wood is the most common material used for dresser construction, but not all woods are equally durable and attractive. Do a bit of research on the different types of wood to find the type that will suit your aesthetic needs. Some woods are stronger and more resistant to damage than others as well, so be sure to consider this when researching what type of wood dresser you want. If you do not want wood, consider the different types of metals or plastics used for dresser construction. Remember that plastic dressers will not be as durable or sturdy as wood or metal, though they are likely to be far less expensive.

If you are considering buying an antique triple dresser, be sure to do research about the characteristics of the dressers you are considering. Some woods can incur damage such as rot, splintering, splitting, and so on if the antique is not properly cared for, so be sure to inspect the unit thoroughly before purchasing so you can spot any potential problems. A dresser that is not in perfect condition is not necessarily a bad purchase, but you will need to consider refurbishing costs at the time of purchase.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book