How do I Choose the Best Trees for Landscaping?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

Most homeowners want to have a pleasant, attractive yard, and landscaping can be an important part of achieving that goal. Choosing the right trees for landscaping provides an excellent start to creating an outdoor paradise that a homeowner can enjoy for years to come. It is essential to consider the space's needs and limitations and the homeowner's personal preferences before selecting landscape trees. The size of the yard and regional growing recommendations must both be considered, because not all trees grow well in every climate and some require more space than others. Before landscaping with trees, a homeowner should also think about what function, if any, is needed from the new additions.

Shade trees may help lower a homeowner's cooling bills.
Shade trees may help lower a homeowner's cooling bills.

Not all gardens and yards are created in equal in terms of size. It is recommended that people landscape with trees that will fit well once in the yard or garden once they have achieved their full-grown state. A large oak tree can create problems with basements and roofs if not planted far enough away from the house to keep its roots out of the way of plumbing and its branches out of windows and gutters. In the case of a small yard, small trees would be the most beneficial, and many of the dwarf flowering trees would fit in perfectly. For a larger outdoor space, a homeowner may prefer to plant shade trees such as maple or another type of deciduous tree.

Flowering trees provde aesthetic appeal.
Flowering trees provde aesthetic appeal.

Another factor that has to be considered when picking trees for landscaping is the region. Just like every other plant, each tree has its own comfort zone. For example, a pineapple tree isn't going to grow well in the American Midwest, but it will thrive in Hawaii. Trees such evergreen and pine trees that require a sufficient water supply won't grow well in arid climates. If there is any doubt about the proper type of trees for a given climate, a local nursery or garden center should have plenty of information on the correct types of tree for the region.

Some people choose trees for landscaping based on their function. Pine trees offer wonderful fragrance all year, and flowering trees are ideal for the beauty of their flowers in the spring. Shade trees are often planted close to the house to help lower cooling bills. Selecting the right trees for landscaping simply requires some careful thought and, possibly, input from the professionals in the area.

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