How Do I Choose the Best Transgender Support Group?

N. Madison
N. Madison

Selecting the best transgender support group usually requires basing your decision on your own comfort. For example, you may consider such factors as the size of the group, its participation rules and its topics when making a choice. You also may consider such matters as whether religion plays a role in participation. The location of the group’s meetings also may influence your choice.

Transgender people identify themselves as the sex opposite of the one they were born as.
Transgender people identify themselves as the sex opposite of the one they were born as.

When you are trying to choose the best transgender support group, you may decide that such matters as group size and makeup are among the most important to you. For example, you may prefer a smaller, more intimate group or feel more comfortable with a larger group through which you can share experiences with many people. Likewise, you may have a preference for a group that is open only to transgender people, or you may prefer one that includes friends and family members.

The topics and focus of a group also may prove important when you are trying to select the best transgender support group. For example, you may want a group that has preplanned topics for every meeting or prefer a group at which members can spontaneously introduce topics. You also may base your decision on whether you want a secular support group or prefer one that incorporates prayer or worship.

Years ago, attending a support group usually meant traveling to a physical location, but today, you have options. You may find support groups to fulfill your needs in your city or town, or you may choose to join an online transgender support group. Many people enjoy the face-to-face interaction that traditional support groups provide, but selecting an online group may fit more conveniently within your schedule or better suit your preference for remaining anonymous. Additionally, you may choose an online group over one that meets in a physical location if you live in an area in which these types of groups are scarce.

If you choose a transgender support group that meets at a physical location rather than online, the distance you will have to travel to participate will likely factor in your decision making. You may, for example, feel most comfortable choosing a group that is close to your current residence or place of business. By choosing a support group that meets locally, you help ensure that you can easily get to the meeting place, even in bad weather or when traffic is heavy. Likewise, you can save on spending for fuel or public transportation if you choose a group close to your home or office.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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