How Do I Choose the Best Toy Washing Machine?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
A toy washing machine.
A toy washing machine.

When shopping for a toy washing machine, there a variety of factors involved in making the best selection. The age of the child who will play with the toy is important because it will determine the size and features of the unit. Price is also a significant consideration for many people.

Choosing a toy washing machine designed for your child’s age group is important. Babies and very small children may not need one that simulates the function of a real washing machine. A replica that has a door and no additional features may satisfy young children. Toy washing machines that do not imitate the function of real washer will likely not have as many small parts, which is important for the safety of toddlers.

For older children, you should decide what functions you want the toy washing machine to emulate. Some toy washing machines mimic the washing process by utilizing moving parts combined with sound effects. Most toy washing machines do not use water, but they may feature a transparent door that fills up with water to give the appearance of a functioning washer. The level of realism probably will affect the toy’s price.

Some toys are small replicas of real washing machines, often manufactured to use with dolls or for placement in dollhouses. The toy may offer no actual laundry simulation but usually provides the detailed look of a real machine. Small models are generally far less expensive than larger toy washing machines because of their size and lack of special features.

Safety is important for any type of toy. If you purchase a toy washer with liquid in the door, you may want to make sure that it is truly water. Check to see if there have been any recall notices on the toy washing machine you intend to purchase. Reading customer reviews may prevent you from buying an unsafe or defective toy.

You can find a toy washer to fit almost any budget. Those willing to spend a large amount of money may be able to purchase a toy washing machine with more special features and realistic laundry simulation. People who want to spend less on a toy washing machine may find one that meets their requirements, but it may take a little bit more effort. If you cannot find an inexpensive toy with the features you want, you may want to consider purchasing a secondhand toy washing machine from a thrift store or garage sale.

Many toy washing machines use batteries as a power source. Replacing batteries is a recurring cost. When choosing a toy washing machine that requires batteries, you should note the type of batteries and how many it needs. Deciding if you can afford to replace the batteries may help narrow the options.

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    • A toy washing machine.
      By: eyewave
      A toy washing machine.