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How Do I Choose the Best Tourism Internships?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Many tourism internships provide opportunities to travel or visit desirable locations while continuing to work, which can be a desirable combination for many people. Choosing the best tourism internships requires a person to think about his or her interests and priorities as well as what types of work he or she is willing to perform. There are internships of this type all over the world, and one way to begin narrowing down which internships you will apply for is to think about which areas you would be interested in visiting. Another aspect of the internship to consider is how compensation is structured and whether room and board are included. While most internships of this type mainly provide opportunities to travel, there are also tourism internships that provide experience in specific hospitality fields.

People often seek out tourism internships as a way to visit exciting locations that might be too expensive to see otherwise. An internship of this type typically involves performing some kind of labor in return for room, board, and access to the attraction on which you are working. This is a particularly common type of internship for ski resorts and beach areas, as many people who are enthusiastic about these types of attractions are willing to stay for several months. Unlike many other internships, these jobs are not often intended to provide valuable experience in a given field, but rather provide enrichment in other forms.

A tourism internship can be a great way to spend time at a beach resort.
A tourism internship can be a great way to spend time at a beach resort.

Considering the specifics of each individual internship, however, is the only way in which the best internship for an individual case can be chosen. Once you have decided what type of attraction you would like to work for, there are still several other factors to consider. For example, many internships are for a specific length of time, and some pay more than others. The best way to find out this information is to inquire about specific internships, many of which offer these details upfront.

When choosing tourism internships of a professional nature, the way to choose the best internship often depends more on your field than any qualities of the job at hand. Hotel tourism internships, for example, are quite different than those that focus on entertainment venues. Suggestions for this type of internship can often be obtained by asking your school, and many schools have relationships with companies that offer internships. The most important thing to consider when choosing a tourism internship for professional reasons is how the internship will advance your career.

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    • A tourism internship can be a great way to spend time at a beach resort.
      By: Subbotina Anna
      A tourism internship can be a great way to spend time at a beach resort.