How Do I Choose the Best Tortilla Steamer?

Misty Amber Brighton

Using a steamer to make tortillas can be an easy way to prepare this Mexican food while expending very little energy. Before you buy a tortilla steamer, it is helpful to know if you will be able to use the device for cooking tortillas as well as keeping them warm. If you would like to take tortillas to a party or other gathering, choosing a steamer that doubles as a serving dish can be a wise investment. Other factors to consider are the types of tortillas you can cook and how many can be placed inside the steamer.


A tortilla steamer can be used both to cook this dish and keep the shells warm. If you need to serve a large group of people, one that also acts as a warmer for Mexican food can be a wise investment. Talk to a sales representative and ask her to show you models that are dual-purpose if you feel you need this added feature.

Some types of tortilla steamer are used to heat up the tortillas, not to keep them warm.
Some types of tortilla steamer are used to heat up the tortillas, not to keep them warm.

Tortilla steamers normally hold between one and three dozen tortilla shells. When choosing a steamer, it is helpful to think about the number of people you might be feeding. If you only plan on using a steamer at home for your own family, one of the small models might be best. In the event you may want to serve Mexican food at a party, a large-capacity food steamer could be a better choice.

Some steamers also double as serving dishes. One of these types could be ideal if you will be cooking tortillas while away from home. A tortilla steamer such as this has the added benefit of reducing the amount of cleanup needed. You can choose a food steamer made from heavy plastic or ceramic, but plastic models are slightly less expensive than ceramic ones.

Your family may prefer one type of tortilla shell over another, so it is important to find out if the steamer you are considering will accommodate both flour and corn products. Some brands may also be used for keeping pancakes or baked potatoes warm in addition to cooking tortillas. Buying a tortilla steamer that can be used to cook or serve other foods can be a wise investment since you will be able to use this product more often than if you buy a model that only allows you to prepare tortillas.

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