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How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Underwear?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Choosing the best toddler underwear is often a simple task, but there are still a few things that you must keep in mind. There are several types of underwear for toddlers to choose from. Comfort and material are two of the main things that you should consider when you are buying underwear for kids. You should also make sure that children's underwear is easy to get on and off. Letting your child pick out his own kids' underwear is another thing you may want to consider.

When choosing underwear for a toddler, you may be overwhelmed by the many types of underwear available. Some underpants have thick layers of fabric in them, which can help absorb any accidents. Others have a plastic lining to help contain accidents. These may be best for bedtime if your toddler is still potty training. Long underwear may be best for cold climates.

A toddler's underwear should be comfortable to wear.
A toddler's underwear should be comfortable to wear.

Regular underwear for toddlers is also available. When shopping for a boy, you can choose from boxers, briefs, or a hybrid of the two. For girls, you will usually have the choice of briefs or bikinis. The type of toddler underwear you choose should largely depend on how comfortable it is for the child to wear.

To ensure comfort, let your toddler try on a pair or two of underwear before you purchase any. This will give you an idea what size he wears, as well as what's comfortable for him. For instance, your toddler may find briefs very uncomfortable, and boxer-briefs may be less binding. Toddler underwear that is too small or too large can cause your child to be rather uncomfortable as well.

The material used to make toddler underwear may also affect how comfortable it is. Cotton is recommended, since it is a very breathable fabric. This can keep excess moisture from sitting on the skin, which can be very uncomfortable. This type of fabric is especially recommended for girls, since it can help keep certain infections at bay.

When your child is trying on a new pair or toddler underpants, take note of how easy they are to get on and off. Since this is usually the time a child is potty training, it is important that he can get them off quickly and easily. This will help minimize accidents.

There are a many colors and patterns to choose from when choosing kids' underwear. Some are solid colors, while others may have images of popular cartoon characters. To ensure that your child likes the toddler underwear that you buy, many experts recommend taking him with you when you go shopping so he can choose which underwear he likes best.

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Has anyone used undies with plastic lining in case an accident occurs? My daughter is potty training and sometimes she has a small accident at night. She hasn't learned to get up and used the restroom at night yet. Are the ones with the plastic lining comfortable?

I don't mind changing her underwear and pajamas, but it might be better to giver her some protection during her potty training.


I let my daughter pick her underwear. She likes very soft underwear and she also wants a special children's design. So I give her some options and she picks the one she likes. The good part about this is that she helps me while I dress her and pulls her panties up all by herself.


Size and material are definitely the most important two factors when it comes to buying toddler underwear. If it's too tight or too loose, it will bother the child. So I completely agree that it's a good idea to try one out and determine the best size. Children do grow quickly, but underwear that's too big isn't going to work either. I actually buy toddler underwear online sometimes because it's cheaper but I always make sure that I buy the right size. So it's a good idea to buy from a store first.

The second important thing is material. I only buy 100% cotton toddler underwear for my son. It breathes and it's the healthiest, most comfortable fabric out there.

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    • A toddler's underwear should be comfortable to wear.
      By: jolopes
      A toddler's underwear should be comfortable to wear.