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How Do I Choose the Best Tiara Comb?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Choosing the best tiara comb can be a difficult task as there is a fine line between looking elegant and sophisticated and looking like you've raided your little sister's toy box. Material, adornment, size, and price are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing which comb to buy. These factors are in turn influenced by the event for which you will be wearing the tiara.

A tiara comb is very similar to a standard tiara, but rather than a headband holding it onto the head, a comb is attached that slides into the hair to hold it secure. You can wear this headgear for a variety of occasions, most commonly weddings and proms. Birthdays are also good excuses to wear a tiara, especially if it is yours. As a general rule, the more formal the event, the more elaborate the tiara allowed — within reason.

A tierra comb may be worn at weddings.
A tierra comb may be worn at weddings.

The structure of a tiara comb is traditionally silver or gold, with silver being the most popular choice. Most are made from a base metal then coated with a silver plating. These replicas are usually very good and very affordable. Real gold or silver tiaras, while they do exist, are of a price that only an actual queen could afford. Plastic models are also available and are quite cheap, although they usually look it and so are not a good choice unless you are six years old.

A tiara comb suited for a wedding is often very ornate.
A tiara comb suited for a wedding is often very ornate.

Tiara combs are usually decorated with different gems, real and fake. Swarovski crystals are extremely popular, as are pearls, rhinestones, and diamante. For a wedding, the adornment should be elegant, with pearls being a sophisticated choice. Gems and crystals can be used but should be done so sparingly. The decoration should be somewhat understated as something highly ornate will simply distract the guests' attention.

For prom, a bit more fun can be had, and more sparkle is encouraged. Generally, the elegance of the tiara should match that of the event. So, if it is your own birthday, feel free to choose one with plastic gems the size of your fist and flashing lights.

The size of a tiara comb is also an important factor in your choice. As it has to stay put on your head for a considerable amount of time, there are a few tips to consider. Choose comb teeth of at least 1.5 inches (4 cm) as this will help keep the comb in your hair; however, the teeth should not be so long as to show through your hairstyle.

The thickness of your hair and your hairstyle are also factors. If your hair is fine or thin and your hairstyle sleek and elegant, wear a smaller, more delicate comb. If you have thick or curly hair and a substantial hairstyle, you can work with a larger, heavier comb. Alternately, mini-combs can be worn, with either one at the top center front and the back of the hair or one on either side.

Finally, price is also important in choosing the best tiara comb. Prices range widely, so buy one that you can afford based on the formality of the event. Obviously, a comb for your wedding will likely, and should, cost more than one for your birthday. How much you should spend should also be based on what you intend to do with the tiara afterward. If you intend to throw it to the back of your closet, opt for a cheaper one; however, if you intend to have it as a keepsake, it may be worth investing a little more.

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    • A tierra comb may be worn at weddings.
      By: Andrey Kuzmin
      A tierra comb may be worn at weddings.
    • A tiara comb suited for a wedding is often very ornate.
      By: tayindigo
      A tiara comb suited for a wedding is often very ornate.