How do I Choose the Best Theology Distance Learning Program?

Dan Cavallari

Theology is a broad category in which a student may cover topics in religion, God, the Bible or other holy books such as the Koran, and other aspects of religion and worship throughout the world. A student can earn a degree in theology through distance learning courses as well as through on-site coursework at a college or university. Theology distance learning courses allow a student to earn a degree without having to attend an on-site classroom location, and choosing the best theology distance learning program is a fairly simple process. It will take some research, however, and it helps if you first choose any specific areas of study on which you might want to focus throughout your education.

The Koran could be the focus of a theology distance learning program.
The Koran could be the focus of a theology distance learning program.

Once you have determined what degree you want to obtain and which specific areas of theology you are interested in studying, it is time to research program offerings from different schools. Many theology distance learning programs may seem similar at first, but they will differ in the ways in which coursework is delivered, cost of the courses, requirements for admission, and even the quality of the instruction being delivered. Narrow your search down by considering only accredited institutions. This means the school has been accredited by an independent agency that has found the education offered to be of high quality. The accredited program is further recognized and respected by employers and other educational institutions. Attending an accredited school will help ensure your tuition money is well spent, and it will increase the likelihood that you will find employment after you complete your degree.

The Bible and other holy books are studied in theology.
The Bible and other holy books are studied in theology.

Be sure to consider cost when you are researching theology distance learning programs. You may need to secure financial aid in order to pay for your education, which makes attending an accredited institution even more important: attending a non-accredited institution may make you ineligible for certain types of financial aid. Choose the program that will fit your budget and your financial aid assistance.

Theology distance learning courses will be taught differently from program to program. Some programs may use online message boards to conduct class, and the student will be responsible for working on coursework at his or her own pace. Other programs may require the students to attend an online class at a set time each class meeting, which allows the students to ask questions directly to an instructor. Pay attention to how course materials are delivered and choose the program that takes advantage of current technology, such as podcasts, streaming media, interactive websites, and e-mail.

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