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How do I Choose the Best Tai Chi Class?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art commonly used to improve fitness and health. If you want to take a tai chi class, there are some things you should consider before you make your choice. These include the difficulty level, class times, and the instructor.

Find out which skill level a class is before you commit to joining. Classes are sometimes defined as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you have never taken a tai chi class before, you are likely to find it discouraging if you join a class in which the skill level greatly exceeds yours. Although you may expect the instructor to help you in areas where you need improvement, he may not be apt to do so. Instead, he may suggest that you find a class that is appropriate for you.

Woman reaching upward
Woman reaching upward

Observing tai chi commonly leads people to oversimplify it. There is a reason it is called a martial art. Tai chi is not something that you are likely to learn in one or two days. Mastering the art will require practice and commitment, so you need to choose a class that is held at a place and time that work with your schedule.

Choosing a tai chi class with a good instructor is important. To begin with, it is best to take a class with an instructor who speaks your language fairly well or whose language you can readily understand. Many instructors of this martial art are foreigners in the lands where they teach, and although they have outstanding knowledge and ability, communication is often difficult. If you cannot readily communicate with your instructor, there is a good chance your experience will be diminished.

If you are interested in a tai chi class, you should be interested in tai chi. This means you should not be there simply to learn a series of movements. You should want to learn some of the principles behind the art. The best classes are those in which the instructor not only shows you how to move but also educates you about what it is you are doing and why.

People have different learning styles. A good instructor will understand this. Commonly, before you commit to a class, you will be given an opportunity to make sure it is one that works for you, and you should take advantage of such offers. Try to choose a class instructed by a person whose personality is compatible to yours. If you notice discouraging factors, such as the instructor is indifferent or impatient, it is probably best to find another class.

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    • Woman reaching upward
      Woman reaching upward