How Do I Choose the Best System Software?

G. Wiesen

When choosing system software for a computer, you should consider any needs you may have that you want from the software, as well as software that may be designed specifically for the hardware or other software you are using. If you are looking for basic input/output system (BIOS) software, then you should ensure any BIOS you choose works with the hardware you are using, such as the motherboard or chipset on your computer. Similarly, other types of system software, such as operating systems (OS) are usually designed to only function with certain programs, so you should be sure to choose a system that supports the programs you need.

The best system software matches a user's hardware and provides required functions.
The best system software matches a user's hardware and provides required functions.

System software typically refers to computer programs that run major hardware or software systems. These are usually programs integral to overall computer use, which typically function with other programs designed for more specific purposes. The BIOS on a computer’s motherboard, for example, is typically considered a form of system software. If you are looking to update or install new BIOS onto your motherboard, then you should be sure to choose BIOS written to work with your motherboard and be careful to ensure the BIOS is compatible with the other components on your board as well, such as the central processing unit (CPU).

The OS installed on a computer is also typically regarded as a form of system software. There are many different systems you can choose to run on your computer, though you should consider other programs that can run with each OS before you choose one. Many programs are developed to only run on a particular OS, though some software companies make multiple versions for different systems. This means you should choose system software that supports the other programs you may need to use, such as graphics editors, games, or word processors.

System software can also refer to computer programs used to maintain a computer, such as hard drive utilities. You should choose software that is designed to function with the OS you have on your computer, since different programs can better function with different systems. Many OS programs also have a number of utilities provided with the OS, allowing you to use those utilities rather than choosing a third-party program. You might also consider different types of system software for other needs, such as networking, in which case you should choose a program that functions with your hardware and other software and provides you with any tools and secondary functions you may need.

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