How do I Choose the Best Swiveling Car Seat?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A swiveling car seat is an ideal solution for anyone suffering from back or leg problems. This design helps you get out of the car more easily, and it helps you get into a comfortable position when entering the car as well. Choosing a good swiveling car seat starts with a bit of research into the different design offerings as well as prices. Some swivel designs are very small, simple, and easily installed or removed, while other seat designs are more complex and may require the removal of the entire car seat for reinstallation with the swivel unit.

If you choose a swiveling car seat that requires the seat to be removed, you will essentially be replacing the metal unit that mounts the seat to the floor of the car. This needs to be done by a professional, and the process can be quite expensive. If you have a severe handicap, however, the cost and effort will be worth it, as this may be your only option for getting into and out of the car quickly and safely. Be sure to research several different installation companies who can do this procedure, and find out the cost of installation from each company.

The other option is a much smaller, simpler swiveling car seat design. This version looks and functions much like a lazy Susan one might find in a kitchen. This seat is laid on the existing seat rather than replacing it. The seat is disk-shaped and features a center joint that allows the upper disk to rotate while the lower disk stays in place. The upper disk is often padded for comfort, and the lower disk may feature rubber feet or lining that will prevent it from slipping. The disks themselves may be hard with cushioning surrounding the hard disk, or they may be soft and fibrous.

If you choose the smaller, portable option, make sure to choose a swiveling car seat with a removable cover that can be cleaned easily. Make sure the fabric will resist stains as well as fading and other damage from direct sunlight. The unit should be lightweight enough to be moved quickly and easily, and it should be durable enough to support your weight for years to come. You will want to try out as many options as possible before deciding on a swiveling car seat, as some are more comfortable than others.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book