How Do I Choose the Best Surveyor Training?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
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To choose the best surveyor training, consider the credentials and skills you need to progress in your career. For individuals who are just beginning their surveyor careers, the best training my be field experience. In this scenario, an individual can act as an assistant surveyor, assisting an established professional, and learn about real world practices of the profession. Others might benefit from training that prepares them to test for certification. In most cases, the best surveyor training includes an instructor who is well established in his or her field.

A surveyor is a real estate or building professional who is able to perform duties such as taking and recording measurements of property lines and researching legal documents regarding a property. In some instances, a surveyor also might advise builders and land owners. Professionals in this field often are not required to have a college education, though many find that it is easier to find employment and attract clients with this level of academic training. In some regions, surveyors might be required to earn professional certification.

Many aspiring surveyors might benefit most from professional experience. An assistant surveyor position, for example, can introduce you to equipment and software that professional surveyors use daily. For individuals who have no experience or knowledge working in real estate or construction, it might be better to take an internship or entry level position in one of these fields. This can be a good way to learn about needs and concerns of those who deal with land, property, and construction.

College students who are interested in surveyor training might want to inquire about available internships in real estate and architectural firms. While many college programs do not offer courses specifically in surveying, you might benefit from courses in math, geography, and property or contract law. Many surveyors use software to access and process information, so it can be a good idea to make sure that you are comfortable learning to use new computer programs.

In many regions, an individual must receive certification to practice as surveyors. The best surveyor training for individuals who would like to earn professional certification can be accredited or professionally recognized courses. Before signing up for these courses, it is advisable that you make sure that they are taught by professionals who are familiar with material on state or nation issued proficiency exams.

Not all surveying jobs are the same. For example, some surveyors might specialize in working with urban property, while others might focus on surveying historically significant structures. You can benefit from choosing surveyor training that provides you with experience working in a field in which you are interested.

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