How Do I Choose the Best Steel Hoe?

Misty Amber Brighton

A steel hoe can help you with a number of tasks around your yard. Before you select this gardening equipment, it can be helpful to know what types of jobs you might want to complete. That way, you can select the right sized hoe as well as the correct type of blade. After you find the best garden tool, it is a good idea to hold it in order to see if it is awkward or heavy to use.

Hoes with longer handles are best for vegetable gardens and farm crops.
Hoes with longer handles are best for vegetable gardens and farm crops.

You can buy a stainless steel hoe in many different sizes. Some are a hand hoe with a very short handle, which is preferred for working in flowerbeds. Hoes with longer handles are better suited for vegetable gardens or around trees and shrubs. If you know what type of gardening jobs you may want to do, this can help you decide what size to purchase. In the event you do a great deal of yard work, you may want to buy a couple of different sizes.

A steel hoe can also have different types of blades. Some may be square or rectangular, while others are slightly pointed. You may want to choose a square blade for removing weeds or a pointed head when digging in rocky soil.

One type of hand hoe has two different heads, one that resembles a blade and another that has forks or tongs. This type could have a square or triangular blade on one end and two or three forks on the other end, enabling it to also be used as a pitchfork. You may want to consider a dual-headed tool if you plan to remove cut grass from your yard after it has been mowed or to scatter compost.

It is a good idea to check the edge of the blade to see if it is sharp. One way to check this is to run your finger along the edge in order to feel if it is rough or uneven. Even so, the edge should not be so sharp that your finger is cut by doing so. If you are buying a steel hoe with a triangular blade, the point of this blade should also be somewhat sharp.

After you find the right model, it is a good idea to test it before buying. One way to do this is to hold the handle firmly in your hands and then move the implement back and forth while making a chopping motion. Think about the weight of the steel hoe while you are doing this. This will let you know if the tool is comfortable to use without being too heavy to hold for an extended period.

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