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How do I Choose the Best Stammering Treatment?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several stammering treatment options available to children and adults affected by this common speech problem. Frequently used types of stammering treatment include medications, speech therapy, and hypnotherapy. The goal of each type of treatment is to encourage the stammerer to relax the vocal cords and reduce or eliminate the stammer with individual or combination therapies. Some stammering treatments are designed to help the affected person learn to take time speaking and to implement specific habits designed to create greater confidence and improved self-esteem. It often takes several months or even years to produce the desired results using conventional stammering treatments.

Some medications are used by therapists and doctors to reduce the likelihood of stammering. Medications prescribed usually affect the neurotransmitters of the brain, and are believed to be effective through slowing brain activity sufficiently to allow for greater speech control in stammering patients. The medication choices for this type of treatment are antipsychotics, anti-convulsants, and in some instances benzodiazepines. In most cases, doctors and patients choose the best medication based on the condition severity, overall health of the patient, and other factors.


The most popular stammering treatment choice is speech therapy, as it is thought to be very effective and eliminates any adverse drug reaction problems. There are many speech therapy types to choose from, and therapists often find that each patient is unique and may require individualized therapy programs for the best results. Techniques for slowing the speech and speaking softer are commonly employed treatments for stammering, in addition to avoiding known trigger words and phrases in everyday speech. Patients may also choose to learn stress reducing habits and exercises to help promote relaxation and improve confidence when speaking.

Though not as well known, hypnotherapy is a growing stammering treatment option employed by speech therapists, medical doctors, and holistic practitioners in an attempt to help patients. In this treatment, patients enter a relaxed state where the therapist can help him or her reach the root of the stammering problem and suggest appropriate ways to eliminate the issue while the patient is in a receptive state. Many people who choose hypnotherapy report excellent results, though successful treatment often requires several sessions. In addition to professional hypnosis sessions, patients may also choose to learn self-hypnosis to use as a stammering treatment tool in between appointments. Unlike the other treatments available, many insurance companies are unlikely to cover the costs of hypnotherapy.

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