How Do I Choose the Best Stainless Steel Wok?

K. K. Lowen

To choose the best stainless steel wok, you may want to consider a number of factors, which include type of wok, quality, size and cost. There are many different types of woks, and determining the kind you want is a good first step. The size of the stainless steel wok is also a significant factor. Figuring out how much money you want to spend on a wok made from stainless steel is important as well because it can play a major role in deciding overall quality, size, style, and the amount of additional features.

Stainless steel woks are ideal for stir-fries, thanks to their wide rim and deep sides.
Stainless steel woks are ideal for stir-fries, thanks to their wide rim and deep sides.

Many types of woks are available to consumers. One of the most popular is a wok made for use in conjunction with a stovetop range, but it is also possible to purchase woks with built-in heating units. It is important to determine what type of wok you need to accomplish your cooking goals because most types of woks can be made from stainless steel.

Some stainless steel woks have a non-stick lining or coating on the interior. Other woks may be made exclusively of stainless steel, inside and out. Deciding whether or not you want a non-stick coating can be very important. Woks that are lined with stick-resistant coating usually are easier to clean, and they may require less oil, which could be helpful for people with strict diets. Some people may prefer woks without a lining because they may cook food more evenly when heated to high temperatures.

The size and style of a stainless steel wok is quite important. Some people require only a small wok because they cook only for themselves or have a small family. If you want to cook for a large family or group, you may want to purchase a large wok that can accommodate a greater amount of food. For restaurant owners, it may be preferable to buy an enormous wok that can accommodate food portions much larger than those a family would need.

Handle length is important to some purchasers. Some woks may have only a short handle, and if you want to successfully hand-toss the food in a stainless steel wok, you may need a longer handle. Some woks also have a small loop-style handle on one side which could allow you to carry the stainless steel wok more easily or hang it when not in use. Additionally, many stainless steel woks have stainless handles, while others have wooden handles that do not get hot.

Accessories could affect the price of the wok. Some people do not utilize a lid while cooking with a wok, while other people like to use a lid to keep the contents warm before serving. Many people also like to use wok rings that help to heat the curved surface of a wok. Purchasing a wok that includes a wok ring or lid may cost a bit more but could be quite useful.

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