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How do I Choose the Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Women with large breasts often find it uncomfortable to participate in sports or strenuous exercise. Choosing the right sports bra for large breasts can be very important. One of the things you should look for is a bra that is rated high impact. Check the quality of the support seams and straps to see that they are solidly constructed. You may also want to find a full-figure bra with distinct cups and thin underwire to help support you.

Many athletic bras are rated according to the amount of support they provide. Choose one that is rated for high impact types of exercise. Do this even if the type of exercise you plan to do is low impact, as even during this type of activity you may need more support than a woman with smaller breasts.

A sports bra.
A sports bra.

Choose a sports bra for large breasts that has wide seams along the sides and back. Make sure there are no rough edges to these seams. The bra will ideally be one solid piece, rather than having straps sown onto it. This means the only seams are likely to be around the edges of the garment itself.

Even though a sports bra for large breasts may be a single piece, it may nonetheless have distinct cups. This type of bra can be a good choice because it may keep your breasts from rubbing together and causing chafing. If you choose this type, check the label to see if the cup size is right for you. You might also want to look for cups that have an underwire if you feel you need additional support. Make sure the wires do not protrude from the garment.

You may want an active bra that has a little bit of padding in it. This type of sports bra for large breasts can provide some bounce control and also give you more coverage at the same time. Avoid garments that have a gel-type liquid in the cups, as this can create bounce rather than control it.

The best way to choose a sports bra for large breasts is to try on several of them. This can be a time-consuming process, but knowing what to look for before you go shopping can help you narrow down your selection. Making a wise investment can help you be more comfortable while working out, and therefore you may be more likely to stick with an exercise regimen.

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@matthewc23 - I have found through women I have worked out with that this is a very big problem and it can make it very hard for a woman to work out especially while running.

Support and comfort are the two most important things to a woman while running and for someone that has larger breasts this can be a major problem if they choose to run quite a bit.

I see that the best solution to the problem is simply to shop around and be willing to pay extra for the comfort. I would not recommend using a regular bra and would instead just choose comfort and look for one that feels right as opposed to trying to save money.


I know a few women that have large breasts and they are very active and this is a legitimate problem for them.

Chaffing and painful rashes can occur if the right bra is not picked out and for a woman with large breasts it is not best to pick just a regular bra that is sturdy to use, because they are not good for running.

I find that it is best to keep trying on sports bras until the right one is picked. To buy one that is not the right size is not a good thing and can be very bad once someone realizes two miles into their run that they made a mistake.

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    • A sports bra.
      By: Karen Roach
      A sports bra.