How Do I Choose the Best Sparkly Eyeshadow?

N. Swensson

Although many women think they cannot wear sparkly eyeshadow because it is too bold or flashy, it actually can be used to create more subtle looks that may appeal to a variety of people. Sparkly or frosted eyeshadow can come in an almost endless array of colors, from very vibrant to neutral and sheer. Some formulas are liquid or crème and can look more like body glitter than eyeshadow, while the sheen in others is very minimal and can create a natural looking highlight. As with any eye color, it’s a good idea to choose shades that complement and accentuate your eye color and complexion.

Purple eyeshadow often looks best with green eyes.
Purple eyeshadow often looks best with green eyes.

Sparkly eyeshadow in a bold color can be applied across the entire eyelid for a glamorous evening look for those who want to draw attention to their eyes. Combining sparkly eyes with very neutral lip and cheek colors will also help to highlight the eye area. Very glittery eye colors used in this way usually look best on people who have a young and trendy style, although, as with any makeup technique, anyone who feels comfortable with this look should experiment with it to see what looks best.

Brown eyes can be paired with just about any color.
Brown eyes can be paired with just about any color.

More subtle styles can also be created with sparkly eyeshadow. For example, a matte shade can be brushed across the whole eyelid, and then a lightly frosted shadow in a neutral color can be applied across the brow bone and at the inside corner of the eye. It’s important to blend the two colors thoroughly for the most natural appearance. This application technique both brightens and draws attention to the eye area and looks great on almost anyone. Another way to achieve the most natural look with sparkly eyeshadow is to always wear it in combination with matte shades: two matte shades with a sparkly highlighter or two frosted colors with a matte accent.

All types of eyeshadow can be used to accentuate your eye color. Brown and hazel eyes are like a neutral canvas and can be paired with earth tones or almost any other color. Blue eyes often look the best with neutral colors, but sometimes a small accent of blue or purple can also work well. Purple and plum eyeshadow often look best with green eyes. Those with dark circles under the eyes may want to avoid purple eyeshadow, as it can sometimes make the eye appear bruised.

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