How do I Choose the Best Spa Business Strategies?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best spa business strategies should be based on delivering the most profitable services your customer base wants. Having the most services isn't always the best way for a spa to run, especially smaller facilities. The atmosphere of a spa, as well as its customer service and quality offerings, is more important than its size. Marketing spa business strategies must effectively promote the benefits and offerings of your facility's atmosphere.

A woman removing a facial mask at a spa.
A woman removing a facial mask at a spa.

Hiring a professional copywriter to create compelling brochures and other marketing materials to attract new clients can be one of the best spa business strategies. Professional copywriters are trained in communicating the features of a business into benefits designed to interest the target market. Including a discount coupon on the brochure can add an extra incentive to help get customers into your spa. Since your customers are likely to be in your local and immediate surrounding areas, handing out the brochures at community events can be a great way to get your business name and materials out there.

Some spas offer Botox® injections.
Some spas offer Botox® injections.

Asking potential customers what they expect and want in a spa experience is a great way to get feedback. A low-cost, yet typically effective way to accomplish this is to have a suggestion box set up at community events along with comment cards. You could also include a short survey card along with the brochure that you hand out to potential customers.

When using customer feedback spa business strategies, don't ask more than four or five questions so that people will take a minute to respond. Don't rush through the customer research stage, because the more you understand the needs and desires of your target market, the better you can be prepared to meet those crucial considerations. Your spa is likely not going to be able to be all things to all of your potential customers, but by analyzing your market research to choose services that will make you a reasonable profit, your business is likely to be successful.

Remember that even the most carefully chosen service spa business strategies aren't going to help you reach your profit potential unless your employees are top-notch. One of the best spa business strategies to achieve an excellent staff in terms of both quality service and superior customer skills is to offer a training program. You can then usually have lower labor costs while achieving a higher level of competency. You may also want to hire at least a few experienced spa workers at a higher salary to train and/or supervise the other workers, especially if your facility is large.

A sauna at a spa.
A sauna at a spa.

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