How Do I Choose the Best Sources of Help with Living Expenses?

D. Nelson

Living expenses include all of the costs you have to pay to live your day to day life. For example, the costs of rent, healthcare, food, childcare, and transportation to and from work all are considered living expenses. To find the best sources of help with living expenses, you should determine why you are having trouble paying your regular expenses. A person who must receive cancer treatment, for instance, might require sources of funding that are different from those used by a college student on scholarship. In all cases, it usually is essential to fill out an application that requires data regarding your income, number of household members, and other factors that might impact your need for help with living expenses.

Unemployed and poor people who are struggling to make ends meet should contact a local social services agency.
Unemployed and poor people who are struggling to make ends meet should contact a local social services agency.

If you are a student who needs help with living expenses, your best bet might be to look for grants and scholarships that often are awarded to students based on merit. It is also possible to receive funding if you excel in a particular discipline. For instance, if you are studying vaccines for specific illnesses, you might receive funding from a healthcare association. It often is possible to find grants for students who come from low income households.

Individuals who are struggling because of unemployment or other causes of financial hardship should contact local social services centers. Many of these centers provide community members counselors who assist them free of charge. This can be a great way to learn about government sponsored programs in your area. These counselors also might help you to correctly fill out applications for getting financial assistance.

Many people require help with living expenses for certain aspects of their lives. Some local governments create funds for these specific needs. A person who has trouble paying his or her electric bills, for example, might find that a local government agency has funding set aside specifically for individuals who make under a certain amount each year and who are having trouble paying for their utilities. It's often the case, however, that only a certain amount of money is budgeted each year for these services, so you should take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Some people might find that the help with living expenses they need is not funding but help with budgeting. If you need assistance setting household budgets, you should visit local support services. It is common for community services and even local credit unions to offer courses to community members in how to save money and create realistic budgets based on their needs, incomes, and lifestyles.

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