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How Do I Choose the Best Software Testing Courses?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Individuals who take software testing courses often already have some background in computer programming or other Information Technology (IT) fields. To choose the best software testing courses, you should determine which skills you would like to acquire. For example, individuals who are interested in developing software from a security perspective should take courses in security testing. Professionals who want to work with software that is used in business and manufacturing systems might find it useful to take courses in subjects such as real-time software and outsourcing software test management. Courses often are available in a number of different models, such as conventional classroom models, online formats, and intensives that last for several days to a week.

Software testing professionals play an important part in the software design and implementation fields. As a matter of act, about 50 percent of the design process is made up of testing and most of all software problems result from design errors. The goal of software testers is to ensure that software meets goals and runs reliably in different contexts.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

If you are an experienced IT professional, you either might want to earn certification or an academic degree that can strengthen your resume and make you qualified to perform more specialized work. Professionals who seek to earn certification should take software testing courses that prepare them for necessary proficiency exams. If you feel that an academic degree is a better choice, you probably need to enroll in courses that are part of a master's program.

In some cases, professionals may want to take software testing courses to gain practical knowledge, but they may not want to earn degrees. For these people, online tutorials might be the most affordable options. If you choose to go this route, however, it's important that you make sure information you access is written by established professionals and that it is current. Individuals who feel more comfortable in conventional classrooms should check local educational institutions to see if they offer affordable classes that can be taken for no academic credit.

Aspiring IT professionals who have yet to earn academic degrees should take software testing courses offered in their undergraduate programs. It is uncommon to find undergraduate programs that allow students to concentrate specifically in this subject. Many IT and computer science degree programs, however, do offer courses that serve as introductions to software testing. It also is possible that a class in software design may include performance testing as part of its curriculum.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer