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How do I Choose the Best Sock Slippers?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Some people call them sock slippers, some call them slipper socks. Either way, they can be a very comfortable accessory. There are of course various styles, sizes, colors, and price ranges to choose from, so it pays to check them out before making a purchase. You may also want to read reviews online to see how other people like different brands.

There are styles of sock slippers that look just like a thick pair of socks. These are generally the most affordable. There are cotton, nylon, or blends and they can be found in a variety of colors. They may be solid, striped, or have other prints or patterns. Some people use them as house slippers while others use them for boot liners during cold weather. The way you intend to use them will probably influence the type you choose.

Some styles of sock slippers look just like thick socks.
Some styles of sock slippers look just like thick socks.

Sock slippers are available for boys, girls, men, or women. Some brands are one-size-fits-all. This is very handy if you’re unsure which size to get. They are generally washable, although those with non-skid bottoms probably shouldn’t be placed in the dryer. The styles that have little loops all over rather than a tight knit tend to snag more often and may not last as long.

Fleece sock slippers are also very comfortable. They tend to cost just a bit more than the knit variety. These are often a favorite choice for girls as they can be found in bright colors and prints. Boys may prefer NFL or other sports or logos on sock slippers. Wool or wool blend slipper socks can sometimes be expensive and require special care but they are exceptionally warm.

While some sock slippers have rubber or vinyl non-slip lines on the bottom others have suede or leather or have thicker soles attached. Memory foam soles are popular as they are incredibly comfortable. The memory foam styles can be pricier and require more care but may be well worth it, especially after a long day on your feet. Always check the care instructions before laundering sock slippers. Also, be sure the fabric covering the foam is durable.

Aside from the various materials available, sock slippers also come in a variety of styles. Younger children tend to do better with slippers that come up over the ankles, especially those with a cuff that helps keep slippers on snugly. Older kids might prefer low rise styles rather than those with cuffs.

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Sock slippers are really really popular right now with college kids -- at least that's what my daughter tells me.

Apparently most of the kids at her school basically wear them all the time, even to class -- it's like they're the flip flops of the winter.

Of course, with so many new varieties and novelty sock slippers coming out, it's easy to see why they've caught on. They're pretty cheap, unless you go for the ultra fancy hand knitted sock slippers you can usually get a pair for under 10 dollars.

Also, they come in designs that appeal to that age group, like sock monkey slippers or fuzzy pink sock slippers for girls.

Is it the same with college kids in you all's region? Here I can barely walk outside without seeing someone in their slipper socks during the winter!


Sock slippers are awesome, but one thing you really have to watch out for is your length.

Those things really do come in every conceivable length, from Acorn ankle sock slippers to the ones that look more like boots until you pick them up and they squish.

If you are looking at getting a taller version, then you really have to be careful to try them on, because sometimes the slipper will fit great, but the leg or cuff part will be just ridiculously tight, making it so you can't wear the sock slipper at all.

I've noticed that this is more of a problem with some of the wool sock slippers rather than the knitted sock slippers, and more for women's versions than men's, but still, you should try them on regardless of their material or whether they're mens/womens/etc.

That way you end up with a good slipper that you can wear comfortably, not a fantastic slipper with a top that cuts off your circulation!


Women's sock slippers also make excellent gifts, by the way, if you're stuck looking for something to give a woman that you don't know all that well, but could still guess if she's got large or small feet -- you know, office party people, that kind of thing.

This is actually one of my long-time tricks for Secret Santa gifts and things like that, and I think that a lot of other people do it too.

Several companies have gotten in on this idea of sock slippers as well -- I know Old Navy makes some every year, and several other companies do too.

The thing to watch out for is when they go on sale (they usually do a big slipper sock sale around October and again in February, I've noticed), and then just go in and buy up a ton of them. That way you're never stuck for a gift, and they actually look like a gift that took a little thought, rather than something you just picked up out of the dollar bin, even if you really did get them for a dollar.

Tips from a Mom who's been there...

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    • Some styles of sock slippers look just like thick socks.
      By: Bert Folsom
      Some styles of sock slippers look just like thick socks.