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How do I Choose the Best Shower Organizer?

Kasey James
Kasey James

When you are choosing the best shower organizer, you may consider its size, the style, and the cost. There are many different organizers to choose from and their cost often depends upon the materials they're made from and how many bath items they can hold. You may want to determine which kind of shower organizer will match your bathroom decor before shopping.

Shower organizers are made from a variety of different materials. Some are made from a heavy-duty plastic and are often white in color but can also be purchased in other brighter colors. Plastic organizers can be clear if you prefer no color. There are chrome organizers that may be a bit sturdier and have a silver metallic look. A shower organizer made from wood could match your bathroom sink cabinets.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You may also want to consider where you will be placing your shower organizer. Some organizers have a handle that attaches to the shower head or the curtain rod. Many of them have poles that lock in from floor to ceiling. Some smaller bath caddies attach to the shower walls using suction cups. Any of these choices will allow you to place your organizer where you want without having to use any type of tools.

When deciding upon the best shower organizer, you should think about how many items you want it to hold and how many baskets or shelves you will need. Many people like to place their shampoo, soaps, and razors in their organizer. You may want a bar to hang washcloths or a shower hair cap.

Shower caddies can easily get dirty from soap bits and mildew from the shower. An organizer that is easy to clean is another thing to consider. It may be easier to clean a caddy that is plastic or metal. A wooden organizer could be more difficult to clean and may become warped by the wood constantly getting wet. It may be best to have a caddy that is easy to take down and clean in the sink when needed.

A shower organizer can be purchased at stores that sell home and bath supplies. You may want to take some measurements of your shower or bathroom before looking for a shower caddy to be sure it will fit in the place you have chosen. It is important to decide on a price budget for your organizer before going shopping.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book