How Do I Choose the Best Short Hair Styles for Thinning Hair?

T. Webster

Hair texture, face shape and gender are three things to consider when choosing the best short hair styles for thinning hair. Men and women can both find flattering styles that look good and make the hair look fuller. Women have more styling options, but men often find the best option is to cut their hair as short as possible.

A man with thinning hair.
A man with thinning hair.

Whatever style you choose, it's good to remember that thin hair requires delicate handling. It is more prone to breakage and frizz, so you should avoid excessive blow-drying, styling or anything else that dries it out. Dryness and damage also tend to be more noticeable in thin hair, so a good conditioner can be helpful.

A buzz cut is an option for some men with thinning hair.
A buzz cut is an option for some men with thinning hair.

One of the classic women’s short hair styles for thinning hair is the bob. A bob is often straight and chin length, reducing the weight that would be present with a longer style without making the hair too short. The clean lines of the bob require the work of a good stylist, because thin hair can show every scissor mark and offer little in the way of covering up even small mistakes.

The pixie haircut is another of the well-known short hair style that can work for thinning hair. This extremely short cut looks somewhat like a boy's haircut and works well with straight hair. You can comb a pixie straight back and part it on the side or wear it with bangs.

A feather cut is one of the more feminine short hair styles for thinning hair. In this style, the hair is cut so it feathers back around the face. The concept works in tandem with a bob or a pixie hairstyle, as well as with a straight, layered hairstyle.

Thin, curly hair often looks good when styled in its natural state. Curly hair has the added benefit of providing volume for thin hair. It is best not to over-style hair that is curly and thin, because it is especially prone to frizzing.

For men, the styles that work best for thinning hair often involve cropping the hair very close to the head. These include the buzz cut and the crew cut. The best style for your needs will likely depend on how much your hair is thinning and your personal preference. Men also have the option of completely shaving their head so they are bald or nearly so.

A crew cut can help you blend in areas of thinning hair with areas of thicker hair by creating an even texture that gives the illusion of fullness. If your hair is thinning severely at the crown, a close buzz cut can help camouflage it. Keeping the hair extremely short works to blend in the balding spot. If the hair starts to thin further, you always have the option of cropping it even closer or shaving it all off.

A pixie cut can work for a woman with thinning hair.
A pixie cut can work for a woman with thinning hair.

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